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      We like to blog about Costa Rica!

      We are more than a real estate team. We feel as a big family and we always like to meet to share our ideas and perceptions about life, about Costa Rica, our activities, our daily life, our kids, our job, our clients, etc. We like to talk about simple things as which restaurants are better, the last road who has been paved in town, who won the surf contest and where to get the special organic oil for an insect bite! We are from all around the globe and we all moved abroad for a better life. Some of us are Canadians, some are Americans, some are native Costa Ricans, some are Europeans. We are also a mix of Catholics, Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Buddhists, and deists! We are a colorful team, happy to be living the dream life in Costa Rica! We all chose Guanacaste to live our lives with our families.

      By reading our blogs, you will feel different perceptions, different cultures, different religions within the same office. But all of us share one thing: we love our lives and we are very happy to work together and live the Pura Vida life!

      Enjoy your reading :-)

      Isabelle Emond
      Apr 12, 2020
      Streets may be quieter in Tamarindo and Langosta but as people retreat inside everywhere in the world, buyers spend more time searching for properties. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Costa Rica real estate market showed that we were going to have another?strong year. Many buyers who had spent time preparing to buy a property in Costa Rica...
      Staff Writer
      Mar 13, 2020
      The world faces one of its strongest global pandemics of the last decades. Covid-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, has infected 128,000 people to this day. It has killed almost 5,000 to date and the number keeps growing. This new global pandemic has had a strong impact in global economy and the majority of its branches due to investment fears and...
      Staff Writer
      Feb 02, 2020
      Bioluminescence?is one of the most overlooked and yet most spectacular experiences one can have when visiting our beautiful slice of paradise. A light show at night that takes away the breath of everyone who tries it. Firstly, bioluminescence is the?result of a chemical reaction in the algae, these are called?Dino-flagellates. They...
      Staff Writer
      Dec 27, 2019
      The most awaited time of the year has finally begun! As locals, we truly enjoy spending the holiday week with our loved ones here in our little slice of paradise. And we are not the only ones! Not only do we see the highest volume of foreign tourism in Guanacaste during these dates, but also the highest volume of Costa Rican tourists visiting our...
      Staff Writer
      Nov 30, 2019
      It takes more than eagerness to be successful in business and investing. We have all heard stories about investment ideas that exceeded all expectations and went surprisingly well. But we have also heard about the same number or more stories of investments that went completely south. Situations like that leave investors in debt, with negative...
      Staff Writer
      Nov 24, 2019
      High season?is around the corner! The most expected time of the year is almost here, as high season starts in December. Being such a tourism-fueled area and community, the big majority of the residents and business owners of Playa Tamarindo as well as the rest of the Gold Coast, are excited every year when high season comes about. The...
      Staff Writer
      Nov 02, 2019
      There are many angles you can look at our community, from business heaven with rental income properties, as an eclectic expat community perfect for retirement or as your vacation retreat in the tropics. Even though Playa Tamarindo is more commonly known amongst the younger crowds for its tourism attractions and amenities, its big festivals, events...
      Staff Writer
      Oct 25, 2019
      Here in our beautiful Tamarindo area in the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, we have plenty of buyers looking for entry level properties to start their investments abroad. Even though we have certainly seen a reduction in inventory for this type of properties in the last few years, we still have a good number of options that fit the criteria of investors...
      Staff Writer
      Oct 20, 2019
      Whether you are looking for a vacation residence or an investment property, luxury is always attractive. Here on the Gold Coast, we have a vast portfolio of upscale properties that perfectly meet the personality and taste of the high-end buyer. Ocean views, beachfront, 5+ bedrooms, you name it. As our area continues to grow and be more and more...
      Staff Writer
      Sep 28, 2019
      Here in Guanacaste, we are often asked by our visitors and investors about television programming. It is important to many English-speaking foreigners to have television as a form of entertainment. Many expatriates want to continue watching their favorite sitcoms and shows, as well as following sporting events on ESPN, staying up to date with the...
      Staff Writer
      Sep 12, 2019
      The Gold Coast of Guanacaste in the North-West region of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is known to be a place filled with entertainment and experiences. But it is also surprisingly eclectic and diverse when it comes to food. Our gorgeous community of Playa Tamarindo alone has over 100 different dining options. Whatever you have a taste for, you can...
      Staff Writer
      Sep 01, 2019
      Playa Tamarindo is not only popular amongst tourists, surfers and investors, but it is also the center of attention for many big event-producing companies that target our beautiful beach and town. It is one of their desired and strategic location to gather as many people as possible and make it a successful event.? SEPTEMBER 2019?~...
      Staff Writer
      Aug 03, 2019
      Since a very?young age, Costa Ricans learn about our nationals symbols, their background?and what they represent. Costa Ricans honor?and take a lot of pride on these?symbols because they symbolize Costa Rican culture, way of living and?traditions. Some examples below.? The Flag:?The flag was designed?...
      Staff Writer
      Jul 28, 2019
      Almost two centuries have gone by since our beautiful province of?Guanacaste, home to the world-renown Gold Coast, annexed to Costa Rica. Prior to this historic day, the area now known today as?Guanacaste?was part of the Nicaragua country. Exactly 195 years and 1 day ago, an ambassador representing the county of Nicoya submitted an...
      Staff Writer
      Jul 14, 2019
      In Costa?Rica, popular or cultural festivals reflect the ideologies and aspirations of a?nation. These allow to see the desires, the worries and the?emotional and?intuitive contents of the Costa Rican people. They make us think of cultural?diversity, assimilation and miscegenation. They are?based on important?...
      Staff Writer
      Jul 05, 2019
      Currency?in its most precise?sense is?money?in any form circulating?as a?medium of exchange, especially in the form of?banknotes?(bills) and?coins. Currencies are?systems of money?being used?collectively. Under this concept,?US dollars,?Canadian?dollars,?Australian...
      Staff Writer
      Jun 28, 2019
      Many people around the world and in the country call Costa Rica the "Switzerland of Central America” for both the outstanding green landscapes and also for the fact that we strive for democracy and have no standing army. As beautiful as Costa Rica may be, it has areas that stand out the most. Amongst those is the most sought after and desired area...
      Staff Writer
      Jun 15, 2019
      Costa Rica, land of green and?natural landscapes, lush and misty foliage and home to 5% of the world’s?biodiversity, is no different to?other countries when it comes to avoiding and?attacking environmental issues that degrade the country’s natural life. Evidence to back up this argument?can be found in actions, such as...
      Staff Writer
      Jun 02, 2019
      Costa Rican coffee?is amongst the fresh and top quality produce that Costa Rica is very?well known for and one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is typical for Costa Ricans, specially residents of the?Central Valley like myself, to have memories and anecdotes of going?coffee picking?at?some point in our...
      Staff Writer
      May 26, 2019
      While general weather in Costa Rica tends to be relatively consistent, the variety?in microclimates does not cease?to?amaze us. One of the easiest ways to experience?microclimates?in Costa Rica is to?take a bus trip from Atenas to my home city of Cartago or?vice versa. Leaving from?hot-and-dry Atenas and...
      Staff Writer
      May 17, 2019
      Costa Rica is known for manufacturing and exporting top quality products to multiple countries in the world, such as coffee, fruits, electronic devices and many more. But what may go unnoticed sometimes is that we export talent as well.?There are more than a few “Ticos” out there that are performing outstandingly in their specific fields and...
      Staff Writer
      May 11, 2019
      Besides Tamarindo’s?vast variety of amenities and things to do, many of our visitors?look for activities and tours?that guarantee relaxing and soothing?experiences, as well as exciting and intense ones. Given the amount of tourism traffic?we have?here in Playa Tamarindo, tours have become a sustainable business for...
      Staff Writer
      May 03, 2019
      Playa Tamarindo?is well known for its gorgeous white sand beach, for having perfect surf breaks, incredible?international and local dining, its proximity?to amazing attractions and world-class beaches, and its vibrant and?entertaining night?life. Perhaps you find?yourself vacationing in our dreamy little town and...
      Staff Writer
      Apr 26, 2019
      Costa?Rica is one of the best sportfishing destinations in Central America and is?consistently visited by thousands of tourists from?all over the world that come?to our country to enjoy this world-class sport. The sportfishing?industry is very well established?throughout the entire country in both fresh?and salt...
      Apr 13, 2019
      With the very ambitious goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral?by 2021, Costa Rica’s government has enforced the actions required?to get?closer to making this goal a reality. In the private sector, countless?companies have applied their own measures for separating?trash, reducing the?usage and amounts of chemical...