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      Las Ventanas de Playa Grande

      The development of Las Ventanas de Playa Grande is a 153-hectares private?gated community between two of Costa Rica’s?most renown beaches: Playa Grande and Playa Conchal. Developed along the North Pacific, the oceanview properties display?southern views of Las Baulas National Marine Park overlooking Playa Grande?and the?Tamarindo Estuary. The brand new subdivision of San Pedro,?features 360° oceanviews with Las Catalinas islands on the northern?horizon.?

      With four private schools (most of them US accredited) and nearly 30 miles?of beaches accessible in under 30 minutes,?Las Ventanas de Playa Grande?has a?very convenient and strategic location. It is also bordered by natural?landscapes, environmentally protected lands and wildlife conservation?areas. At Las?Ventanas, the development has its own water concessions, meaning?that as a community, the costs are shared and included in the neighborhood’s?HOA?fees.?

      Las Ventanas de Playa Grande?is home to more than 30 full time residents that live within the?three subdivisions: La Sabana, El Roble and Caracara. There’s also a fourth?subdivision being built called San Pedro. The subdivision is home to the?community’s new clubhouse, a west-facing oceanview clubhouse with an?infinity?pool and family recreational areas. Other amenities in the neighborhood include a nature and bike trail, 24/7?security, organic community gardens which are home to more than 150 types of fruit?trees, herbs and medicinal plants, a recently built skatepark located in?the communitiy’s outdoor recreational park called The Playground, and exclusive?back-door access to some of the most secluded white sand beaches in the Gold?Coast, including Bahía de los Piratas that is just a short 5-minute?drive away.

      The architectural style of?Las Ventanas de Playa Grande?was chosen as an?adaptation to Guanacaste’s dry tropical forest, native climate and?ecosystem in?order to blend in and function with the natural landscape. The west-facing Owner’s Clubhouse, situated near Cerro Almendro’s peak in the?subdivision of La Sabana, is one of the highest viewpoints in Santa Cruz. The?recreational areas and the infinity pool are the main focus for the community?to gather in a clean, family-friendly space to socialize and enjoy our very?popular?sunsets.

      Only 15 minutes North of Playa Tamarindo, this is the perfect location for a family who wants to be quiet and secluded but close to all amenities that Tamarindo has to offer.?Contact us?for more details or your private tour of?Las Ventanas de Playa Grande.?