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      Rancho Villa Real ~ Country-style gated community

      Rancho Villa Real is a development near Playa Tamarindo featuring lots ranging from $50,000 to $495,000. It offers magnificent views of the mountains and the ocean.?The community has many subdivisons as showed on the?master plan.?

      CLICK HERE TO SEE THE?VIDEO.?Rancho Villa Real is considered as a residential?country, ranch-style community development, and features?sidewalks, parks, tropical landscaping, 24-hour security, low impact lighting and all services underground to the property. Perfect location to construct your private residence close to popular beach towns, but in a peaceful, secure development.

      The community is located in the province of Guanacaste, west-coast area of Costa Rica, very near the beach communities of Tamarindo (5 min.); Flamingo (15 min.) and Avellenas (20min). This project evolved in response to the rapid growth in the resort and residential marketplace along the west coast of Costa Rica, where land costs have risen dramatically in the last decade for building lots, housing and commercial properties.

      With the rapid growth in Costa Rica beach communities, a niche has emerged in the marketplace for more reasonably priced housing near the beach communities, as there are many people who wish to live near the ocean but are unable to afford the rising costs of the waterfront locations.?On the other hand, there are many people who also appreciate the quiet and private lifestyle of the Costa Rican countryside. Hence, Rancho Villa Real became a nice rural and forested setting and designed a country style gated community in response to the growing demand.?

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