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      El Tesoro ~ the newest luxury gated community featuring Las Mareas

      Welcome to?El Tesoro, the first and unique luxury gated community in the heart of Playa Tamarindo! El Tesoro is truly the best address in Tamarindo. The completed modern infrastructure boasts underground utilities and a water treatment facility. Uncommon care was given in the creation of a low density living environment with self imposed height restrictions.?Ideally located at the entrance of the bustling?Tamarindo?and less than one hour from the Liberia International Airport,?El Tesoro?is a real estate community that is perfect for individuals who desire property with the highest quality luxury and amenities in an unspoiled Costa Rican setting.

      RE/MAX Ocean Surf and Sun is proud to act as?El Tesoro?Resale Agents, and can also assist you with new property and real estate investment opportunities being released by this developer.?El Tesoro boasts distinctive luxury real property amenities for you, your family and guests to enjoy, including oceanfront Pangas Beach Club with its excellent fish and grill restaurant and direct access to the beach of?Tamarindo?where the surf is at its best. A few minutes?further puts visitors into the center of downtown with shops, modern services, activities,?restaurants and nightlife.

      Las Mareas

      In the gated community of El Tesoro, there is a few multi-million dollar homes and a small community called?Las Mareas,?which is composed of 6 vertical townhomes with oceanviews overlooking the estuary of Playa Grande.

      Please?Contact Us?for a complete list of El Tesoro Real Estate availabilities, prices, and your private tour. ?